Durwin Joyce, President (City of Martinsville, VA)
A. K. Briele, Vice-President (City of Salem, VA)
C. Bruce Maurhoff, Secretary/Treasurer (Central Virginia Electric Cooperative)


John Wagner (Town of Bedford, VA)
Jason Grey (City of Danville, VA)
Timothy L Taylor (Town of Richlands, VA)
Timothy A. Logwood (City of Radford, VA)
Fran DeBellis (Virginia Tech)

Alternate Directors:

Bart Warner (Town of Bedford, VA)
Robert L. Harris (Central Virginia Electric Cooperative)
Leon Towarnicki (City of Martinsville, VA)
Michael Goad (City of Radford, VA)
Kevin Blankenship (Town of Richlands, VA)
Jeff Farmer (City of Salem Virginia)
Bob Dellinger (Virginia Tech)
Kelly Bennington (Virginia Tech)
John Beach (Virginia Tech)

Meeting Information:

The next meeting of the Blue Ridge Power Agency Board of Directors will be held on Thursday, June 28, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. at Salem Electric Department, Salem, VA. For those interested in attending who need directions, they may contact the Blue Ridge office.