Durwin Joyce, President (City of Martinsville, VA)
A. K. Briele, Vice-President (City of Salem, VA)
C. Bruce Maurhoff, Secretary/Treasurer (Central Virginia Electric Cooperative)


John Wagner -Town of Bedford, VA
Timothy L Taylor, Town of Richlands, VA
Timothy A. Logwood – City of Radford, VA
Fran DeBellis – Virginia Tech

Alternate Directors:

Bart Warner – Town of Bedford, VA
Robert L. Harris – Central Virginia Electric Cooperative
Leon Towarnicki – City of Martinsville, VA
Michael Goad – City of Radford, VA
Kevin Blankenship – Town of Richlands, VA
Jeff Farmer – City of Salem Virginia
Bob Dellinger – Virginia Tech
Kelly Bennington – Virginia Tech
John Beach – Virginia Tech

Meeting Information:

The next meeting of the Blue Ridge Power Agency Board of Directors will be held on Thursday, August 24, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at Salem Electric Department, Salem, VA. For those interested in attending who need directions, they may contact the Blue Ridge office.